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ECOLOGIC WALLS ECOMASA was created to meet civil engineering needs for the construction of walls. It provides constructors with the possibility to buy a high quality product which is not only secure but can also be obtained at a reasonable price. It is the solution for your building project of ecologic walls.

Above all, the efficiency and security of the product should be emphasized. The ecologic walls can be quickly constructed and the methodology for planning and design has been approved and tested in detail. This is the best environmental option without doubt, as it allows the reforestation of the earth surface and it perfectly integrates into nature.

Our suppliers of “geomalla” (geologic mesh) are of great value to our company because of their ample experience in the field of fabricating geological synthetics and the studies of geological calculations which they carry out for our projects and guarantee a superior quality of our works.

ECOMASA only works with geological mesh of proven quality and owns the corresponding certificates. We also provide solutions for stabilizing the ground by using the new confining techniques and apply a correct distribution of working loads on poor ground, as well as stabilizing the foundation of paved surfaces and roads or even not paved surfaces.International Geosynthetics Member

We recently joined the International Geosynthetics, IGS and are now authorized members.

ECOLOGICAL WALLS ECOMASA is the global solution you need for constructing ecologic walls of high quality.

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