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This website belongs to the company WALLS ECOMASA SL, CIF B93213882. The services offered WALLS ECOMASA SL are related

detection, analysis and development of innate abilities of each person; inhibition and risk (talent identification).


In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protectionof, which aims to guarantee and protect

with regard to the processing of personal data, public freedoms and fundamental rights of individuals, and especially their honor and personal and family privacy, when treatment is done in Spanish territory in the framework of the activities of an establishment the responsabledel treatment, WALLS ECOMASA SL informs all web users, about protection policy personal data, so users can decide freely if they wish to provide data they may be required in connection with the subscription or registration on any / s services offered.

However, WALLS ECOMASA SL reserves the right to modify these terms in order to adapt to legislative changes or industry practice, in which case informed in good time by notice on this page.

The collected through which you provide in completing the application for Registration Information or any of our services that require registration or subscription, personal data will be processed automatically and incorporated into the files WALLS ECOMASA SL, in order to maintain the contractual relationship, if any, established us as well as the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of our services and process them, sending information and publicity about offers, promotions and recommendations arising as well as for statistical and analysis of market trends and surveys that the user will not be in any way obliged to answer.

Except in areas where otherwise noted, responses to questions about their data is voluntary, but the lack of response to the same implies a loss of quality, or inability to provide the service unless otherwise stated.

We also inform you that you have the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data, being responsible WALLS ECOMASA SL.

You may exercise the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, following the procedure established in the Law 15/1999 of Data Protection, ie:

1. RIGHT OF ACCESS: The applicant is entitled to request and obtain information from their personal data under treatment, the source of such data and communications made or can be made. The consultation may be made by a mere visualization or indicating the data processed by letter, copies or photocopies, certified or not, legible and intelligible form, without using keys or codes that require the use of specific mechanical devices.

This right may be exercised more than once every 12 months, unless a legitimate interest is credited.

The exercise of this right will be free of charge upon request or petition addressed to the file, made through any means that guarantees the identification of the affected (DNI or other similar means), and stating the file or files to consult. The request must contain the address for notifications, date and signature. The person concerned shall use any means that can demonstrate the sending and receiving of the application.


It is the faculty or capacity affected by which you can call to the database to comply with the obligation to maintain the accuracy of the data, modify or cancel the personal data that are inadequate or excessive, if any, or whose treatment does not conform to the law.

It is a right that is free. Shall be exercised by a petition or request to the database by any means guarantee

the identification of the affected (PE. DNI) and containing the data you need to cancel or modify and / the file / s in which they occur. The request shall contain an address for correspondence, date, signature of the applicant, and accompany photocopy of ID Also indicate the data is wrong, and the correction to be performed along with documentation ustifique rectification, unless it depends only on the consent.

In the event of cancellation shall state the revocation to the consent.


It is exercised in cases where the consent of affected for the treatment of personal data is not necessary, provided that a law otherwise provides, this may object to their treatment when there founded and legitimate reasons concerning a specific personal situation. In that case the registrar shall exclude treatment of the affected data.

Those interested may object on request and without charge, the processing of data relating to themselves, in which case written off treatment, canceling the information about them contained therein.

For your convenience we inform you that you have models to exercise their rights in data protection agency whose address is

WALLS ECOMASA SL has adopted the levels of basic security in accordance with Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June, approving the Regulation of security measures for automated files of a personal nature, and other legal provisions require as well as additional technical measures to protect your data may be lost, altered, misuse, unauthorized persons from accessing or even prevent theft thereof. However, the user should be aware that the measures on the Internet are not entirely foolproof.

Also note that those responsible for the personal files of MUROS ECOMASA SL have been informed of the obligation of professional secrecy in respect thereof, subsisting obligation to end their relationship.

If WALLS ECOMASA SL decided to assign the data to third parties, it shall inform those affected, indicating the purpose of the file, type of data being transferred, and the name and address of the transferee.

If you want more information reviewed here on privacy and use of information by WALLS ECOMASA SL, can do so by contacting us via the email address WALLS ECOMASA SL.


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This website is solely for personal use of users. Modification, reproduction, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploitation for commercial purposes or not is prohibited. You agree not to use this website for illegal or prohibited purposes.

In particular, you agree to only use the website for yourself and the goods or services purchased through the website will be for use or consumption or persons on behalf of whom you are legally authorized to act. The user does not resell products or services purchased through the website to others.


Simply browsing through the website is free and does not require prior registration by the user. However, access, recruitment or use of some products or services require user registration, possession of keys or badges and / or payment of a price in accordance with the provisions of the regulatory specific conditions of each product or service.

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You can not use the service for illegal purposes. You agree to use the service only for a nonprofit personal end. You further agree not to use, transfer, distribute or dispose of the information included in the service that competes unfairly with WALLS ECOMASA SL. Acknowledges that the service has been developed, compiled, prepared, revised, selected and shaped by WALLS ECOMASA SL. Agrees to protect the copyright of our company during the term of this agreement. Accepts inform WALLS ECOMASA SL in writing and in a timely manner, if you observe any unauthorized or appropriate service by third parties or violations of copyright, trademark and other rights that the service could be infringing or vice versa use.


WALLS ECOMASA SL no warranty, expressed or implied elements that make up the website. As for the operation thereof, the information, content, software, designs, files, or products included in it, WALLS ECOMASA SL is expressly disclaims all warranties, including, among others, the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The company is not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this website, including, without limitation, direct or indirect damages. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, WALLS ECOMASA SL assumes no liability whatsoever arising from lack of veracity, updating and accuracy of the data or information on offers, products or services, prices, routes, distances, characteristics and any other relevant data and information about products and services offered through the website by providers of products or services.

WALLS ECOMASA SL does not guarantee that the service is compatible with your hardware or software, nor that the service has no errors, viruses, worms or trojan horses and is not liable for damages caused by these destructive elements. You expressly acknowledge that WALLS ECOMASA SL, its

suppliers and agents are not responsible for: damage, whether caused by the negligence of WALLS ECOMASA SL, its employees, contractors, agents, suppliers or whether arising in connection with the service not being WALLS responsible for any loss of profits ECOMASA SL loss in general, indirect or consequential damages, whether as a result of the filing of lawsuits against the company by third parties.

Failures, discrepancies, omissions, delays or other errors in the Service caused by your computer or use the service on that computer.

The content of other websites, goods or advertisements that may be linked to service not managed or controlled by WALLS ECOMASA SL. The company also disclaims any liability for the failure or defective performance by suppliers of products or services, the obligations under current regulations and the terms and conditions of sale of each product and contracted through the website. WALLS ECOMASA SL does not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, using the links provided at or towards the service does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or adequacy of any other website, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the service, promotes or implicitly or explicitly other website, services, goods or advertisements that may be linked to the service.


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